About Us

Matt Moser and Matt Carper met in 2007 at Blue Sushi Sake Grill in Northwest Omaha. Moser and Carper began what would be a large portion of their restaurant career together that year. When Carper met Moser at Blue Sushi Sake Grill, he recognized his passion for high quality food and dedication to being a creative chef.

Their working relationship continued for several years before joining forces to create Plank Seafood Provisions. While at Plank, they always talked about other concepts they thought would do well in Omaha.

Moser left Flagship and opened The Market House. With the gas line explosion in the Old Market, The Market House was on standby for Moser.

In 2016 Moser asked Carper to review this new concept idea in Blackstone District. Carper was immediately drawn in and the vision was painted for Stirnella Bar & Kitchen, which opened in February 2017.

Stirnella Bar & Kitchen was awarded Best New Restaurant in 2017 by Omaha Magazine. Stirnella Bar & Kitchen was also selected as one of three restaurants in the Omaha area by Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery as a sustainable restaurant featured in the dining guide that was published in 2018.

Red Lion Lounge was a project to recreate a piece of history in the historic Colonial Hotel. Red Lion Lounge was once a jazz club with very exclusive artist in the Midwest. Red Lion Lounge opened in December 2017 with a large ovation for the “jazz” feel. The cocktail lounge was awarded Best New Bar in 2018 by Omaha Magazine and Best Renovation by the Midtown Business Association.

Butterfish is the newest concept to the Meadowlark brands. Butterfish features small Asian plates and a full sushi bar. The highlights are utilizing local farmers produce and proteins in the Asian plates, with familiar plates like cashew chicken and broccoli beef.

Meadowlark Management believes in giving back to the community that supports what they are doing. Every year Meadowlark has been apart of Brew Haha for Habitat for Humanity, Wings & Wheels for Ronald McDonald House as well as many other organizations to help increase awareness about the need in the Omaha area for contributions to charities.

Birds of a feather flock together.